Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mom's Battle with the School

My mom sent a letter to school with me the day after I got out of the hospital. Explaining the disease I have and that I can't play outside for very long at recess with the rest of my friends. When I do go out I have to wear sunscreen and my floppy hat.
She also told them about my legs and muscles,that I would get tired easily and have trouble climbing stairs and in gym class.

It didn't help. I had gym and the teacher made me run... a lot.
When I got home my legs hurt so bad. I told my mom and she was really mad.

But it was time for fall break and I would be out of school for three weeks, so mom requested a meeting with the Principal and my teachers....

Fall break is over, my mom has a meeting Thursday, she's requesting a 504 plan.... This is suppose to help me, the teacher have to follow what it says.

I don't like being sick.

You can go to this link and it will help you understand what a 504 plan is and why I need one.

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