Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Two steps forward three steps back

Sorry I'm just getting a chance to post this... I will try to do better at keeping everyone abreast at Taylor "Bug's" battle.

Kayla called this past Saturday, it seems perhaps Buggy is having a relapse... The rash on her face has returned as well as the blistery sores on her knuckles. She's extremely tired these days and struggling with walking for very long periods.

A call to her specialist yesterday, he wants to stop the weaning process of the steroids and go back to the more aggressive dosage. We are trying to keep from having to do another IVIG, or upping the dose of her chemo.
She is still being such a trooper!! We are so very proud of her. She is an inspiration to us all.

She has a field trip this Friday to the pumpkin patch, Kayla is very adamant that Taylor has as normal a childhood as possible. We are praying the stronger steroids will bring her strength up and she'll be able to enjoy the trip with her class mates.

Fundraiser NEWS-
Carl has hit the road running- he has had positive feedback and support from the local car dealerships ( Cars for a Cure) as well as local businesses. Please if you feel lead to give to CureJM Foundation... You may donate directly on their website.
It IS a Non Profit organization as well as tax deducted -95% of proceeds go to research. Please help us find a cure.
In the memo please add Taylor/Bug. So we can track the donations.
Thank you again for your continued prayers, love, support and kindness.


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